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Konilon is a Brazilian game studio, created from a college project known as BLIND.
The Studio believes in the games as some of the best forms of art.
Currently, the company is with some ongoing projects.

Our studio often launch games quite affordable to all.
You will not see exorbitant prices, ads every second, or something like that.
"Come be the player one"

  • September, 2015

    An Studio is Born

    A project, tree friends, a Studio.

  • December, 2015


    A stealth top view game came from a C++ SDL project in college. Eventually was carried out in HTML5 and distributed to PC and mobile devices.
    Click to more info. (Website in portuguese)

  • January, 2016

    A partner

    In a Global Game Jam, Konillon & Ludohood started to work together in an incredible project. "A few hours of sleep, another few having pizza and a lot of hours developing."
    Click to more info.

  • February, 2016

    The Zhel's Revenge

    The game ambient is another planet where you control Zhel, a evil witch. During the gameplay you have to fight with others tribes and break your believes and rituals to aquire more force and power.
    Click to more info. (Website in portuguese)

  • February, 2016

    Konillon Blog

    We decided to create a Konilon news portal.
    Click to go Konillon Blog. (Website in portuguese)

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Our Amazing Team

The people who give their lives for the project.

Suelem Kuniyoshi

Artist & Game Designer

Without her, our games would be just games

Rafael Alexandre

Artist & Programmer

Always giving a special touch to the games.

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